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Creating Corporate and Individual Financial Planning Solutions

The Weitz Financial Group assists individuals and corporate clients set and achieve investment goals, desires and dreams. With a disciplined approach, our team creates customized bespoke investment matrices that are customized and specific to each client individually.

What Makes Us Different

We provide custom individually tailored investment portfolios for both individual and corporate clients. Our portfolios employ our knowledge of the markets as well as our ability to think ahead of the markets so that we can prevent significant portfolio decline in market downturns.

Why Choose Us

Above all else, our clients and their interests, must and always come first. As fiduciaries, we employ a client focused approach to custom create portfolios that align with our clients’ needs.

We insist on one-on-one meetings whereby we can learn our clients concerns, risks and expectations.  

book cover

The 401(k) Road Map By Peter Weitz

If you are involved in any decision regarding your company’s 401(k) plan, there is a high probability you are acting as a fiduciary. The 401(k) Road Map defines what that role entails and offers a plan, process, and discipline to help navigate through the maze of government rules and regulations ensuring compliance with the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service. Through the use of anecdotal stories, real-life examples, and analogies, the book offers a simpler way to understand terminologies, requirements, government forms, rules, and processes. It will serve as a tremendous tool and a reference for HR directors, CFOs, and their staff.

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